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Terms & Conditions

Dear visitors!


This section of governs the relationship between you in your capacity as visitor user of this site and (or) client (hereinafter referred to as User) and its owner, the commercial company MWH LTD.

Please read with care as they relate to your interests!

Using the site and services MWH Ltd. provided by him in any form means that the user is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions and accepted them!

By using this site and through him MWH Ltd. conducts business and providing consumers all available information about the products and services it offers, as well as opportunities for making orders electronically and delivery of products and services. The site provides personalized information (protected by password) of users who have registered. Registered users have access to information that is entered in the registration process and can change it. Registered users have access to information for all orders made by them and information about personal and group discounts, points, coupons and other marketing tools when and if there are valid.

MWH Ltd. is an entity operates and offers products and services in the territory and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. Service orders from other countries and supply beyond Bulgaria may be refused if it somehow defies the laws of the country and (or) on the Bulgarian.

Confidentiality of data (personal data): MWH Ltd. ensures data confidentiality, declaring that uses data of users of the site ( and the company's customers, which can be defined as personal information about them in accordance Protection Act of Personal DATA. Personal data are used by the company for the purpose for which they were intended: establishing contact and communication with the client in connection with the activities for processing orders, deliveries and payments and issuing documents - invoices, etc .. Detailed information policy company in this visit "PERSONAL DATA"

Collection of traffic data and cookies: During visits to our website collects information that includes domain and / or IP address, referring URL, data platform and browser used, time spent on the site, pages that were visited, keywords used in search and similar parameters. Data is collected automatically by the server or by trackers of external service providers, such as Google Analytics, etc. Aggregated traffic data does not allow site visitors to be identified or established contact with them. Analysis of these statistics can be used to optimize the page.

Cookies - Cookies are data that a site sends to the user's browser, and the browser stores this information into the system. Cookies allow our website to remember information about individual preferences in its use. For example, if the user selects the arrangement of the products in our product catalog going upward in price, they will be displayed in this way from its browser to exit the User of the browser window (in temporary cookies), or until the user disables or delete these cookies. Most users use cookies, because they support easy navigation, but some prefer to disable them. Our site uses cookies. To work properly need cookies to be enabled in the browser of the user. Cookies contain no more information than the User offers. They can not extract information from your hard disk or send personal data or other information from the user's computer.

Prices of goods and documents: The published prices are in Bulgarian lev including VAT per unit of product. Product prices do not include the cost of the delivery, cash on delivery, if any, and is not explicitly stated otherwise. Costs associated with the delivery are listed in "Supply". Product prices do not include fees and commissions of banks and (or) operators of electronic card payments and bank transfers.

MWH Ltd. can change prices at any time without due notice. In case of change in prices during processing confirmed by an employee of MWH Ltd. custom user pays the price of which is ordered. MWH Ltd. issued financial accounting documents for each contract realized in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and guarantee documents when the products are guaranteed.

Orders / Purchase Agreement, delivery of goods and services Payment: Trading relations between the User and MWH Ltd. began when the user send the order to the company: after registration - filling in and sending the required personal or corporate data agree with these terms and conditions and press the "BUY NOW ".

Processing orders: The launch of the processing and execution of the order begins the moment an employee of the company meet her. In cases where the order is sent to us for working day or outside working hours, order processing starts the next day.

Packaging and transport:  shall prepare and pack the goods ordered by the consumer in the form suitable for shipment by courier service and with necessary documents for this purpose. The company can insure shipments for its own account, but is not obliged to do so in all cases. The User may require insurance of the ordered goods his expense. In cases where the shipment is insured at the expense of MWH Ltd. and the shipment is lost by the courier not occurred force majeure insurance does not cover MWH is obliged to send a shipment again. In cases where the consignment is not insured MWH is not responsible for damages and damages occurred during transport by courier or third parties. MWH is not responsible for delays in delivery by courier or fault of others, but is obliged to inform the Customer where receive information about such delays. The User has the right to request assistance from MWH to establish the status of the shipment during transport by courier.

Acceptance of the item: The user receives shipment by courier to the given address or the nearest office of the courier. Aside from the courier waybill and invoice the goods may be accompanied by other documents (receipt, acceptance protocol). The user must check the integrity of the shipment and visible signs of damage, loss from the package or other problems Require a problem with the consignment, signed by the courier.


MWH Ltd. undertakes to submit a courier (supplier) to supply ordered goods to one business day of receipt of the order if the order is with COD, or upon receipt of payment in cases where payment is made electronically time or by bank transfer. When not possible to suspend this time limit or inability contract to be executed MWH Ltd. undertakes to inform the Customer about this as soon as possible, but due compensation and damages in any form. If the consumer has received written notification from MWH Ltd. that the order can not be shipped in the above period, he is entitled to cancel the order with a written notice to MWH Ltd. of that decision before the order is shipped (transmitted to the courier) without due compensation and damages in any way. If the The User refuse an order and therefore in this way, and meanwhile payment is made on her MWH Ltd. to repay the withheld payment order (or part thereof) by bank transfer to the account of the initiated payments not later than two working days after receipt of payment or notice of refusal (which was received last time).

Cancel out of the consignment delivered products and services: According to Art. 50 of the Law on Consumer Protection (LCP), and in accordance with its user has the right to cancel the contract and return the goods within 14 days without penalties and damages from the date of receipt of goods that established in the documents of the courier company, whose services are used for delivery and / or by acceptance protocol or other accounting document. In case of withdrawal from the good returns in the form in which it is obtained. Product (s) must not be tampered with, performance or appearance, there must be no visible scratches and traces of use. Container (s) must be in a form in which they are received - tampered with, not missing packages and their elements, and elements of the product supplied. In cases where the consumer has exercised his right under Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act and in accordance with it, MWH Ltd. is obliged to reimburse the paid value of the goods not later than 30 days from the date on which the user is exercised his right of withdrawal from the contract under the Consumer Protection Act Art. 55, para 6.

The user has the right to refuse to accept delivery of ordered goods, without compensation about this in the following cases:

- The price of product is other than agreed in the contract;

- The fault of MWH Ltd. is supplied a different from the ordered product;

- The product is damaged due to transportation. In this case the customer is obliged to request the issuance of an official report of the courier who certifies the damage and notify the representative of MWH Ltd.

MWH Ltd. is entitled to refuse an order executed without due on penalties and compensation in the following cases:

- The user has indicated incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, meaningless, misleading information phone number, address or personal data that do not allow to establish a relationship with him to be executed delivery or to be issued accounting documents. In this case MWH Ltd. is not obliged to inform the Customer about its refusal to implement the order;

- In the absence or depletion of stocks of a product and it is impossible to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. In this case MWH Ltd. is obliged to inform the consumer and recover amounts paid, if payment is made;

- In establishing the problem with accuracy, integrity and accuracy of product information, based on which the order was made, regardless of the reason why there has been this disparity.

In this case MWH Ltd. is obliged to inform the consumer and recover amounts paid, if payment is made.

Returns and Additional Information:

User is entitled to claims. Returns purchased from MWH Ltd. products are accepted if made in a timely manner, the company is committed to their entry in the register of complaints, according to Article 127, Paragraph 2 of the CPA. The user has the right to request additional information about products and services MWH Ltd. . Company Information and contact details are provided with it, or the "Contact Us".

Restrictions on use of the site

The name of the Internet address (domain and adjacent sub domains) as well as information posted on them (text, images, multimedia, etc.). Are the property of MWH Ltd. The user, after acceptance of these terms of use shall have the right to use site information for their own use and about non-commercial purposes. The information and materials from the site for other purposes can be made only after written consent of MWH LTD. Any changes to the site and how to use it, and intentional acts and attempts to obstruct the normal functioning of the users are in conflict with these terms of use may impair the interests of EM DABALYU EYCH Ltd. and in this sense are illegal.

User may not use the site or to associate his name and (or) the name of the company, as well as material posted on it in any form for the distribution of materials and execution of actions:

- Are illegal, pornographic, libelous, vulgar, obscene, abusive, threatening, false, misleading, or inciting religious intolerance manifested content;

- Represent foreign intellectual property and (or) copyright illegally acquired information or such that violates material and (or) intangible interests of third parties and individuals;

- Contrary to the laws and accepted norms of communication and communication in all their forms;

- Through high-tech and software (including viruses) malicious acts intended to acquire or control over foreign information and (or) lead to impairment of tangible and (or) intangible interests of third parties.

Update, modify and change: MWH Ltd. may update, revise and amend these terms and conditions at any time without owing anybody a warning or notification about it.

Last Update: 07/09/2015