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Privacy Policy

Dear users,


MWH  Ltd. respects the privacy of your personal data!

MWH  Ltd. declares that:

  1. Your personal data will be collected, stored and used responsibly, in good faith and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and in particular in accordance with LOW FOR PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA (PDPA);
  2.  Provide your personal information only when necessary and only registered data controllers relating to the performance of our direct business - courier companies serving bank and (or) a financial institution accounting and (or) law firm and the bodies of state administration or authorized by them natural and legal persons who are entitled to supervision and monitoring of commercial activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. We do not provide or sell your personal data to third parties, except as indicated in item 2. In case you need an exception, it will only happen with your prior consent and in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  4. Continuously apply corporate policy to protect the security of your personal data;

Activities and services provided by the e-shop company MWH Ltd. require the collection and use of certain personal data of customers needed to contact them, processing orders, deliveries, issue of accounting and other documents directly related to the activity.In this sense the company in accordance with article 1, paragraph 4, item 1 of the PDPA was registered at the Commission about Personal Data Protection (CPDP), as administrator of personal data - Certificate No. (In edition)The user provides their personal data voluntarily, after studying and accepting the Terms of Use. The user has access to the data entered on the site, protected by a username and password interface and the ability to edit them.

MWH  Ltd. uses the personal data of the User only for the needs of the company's operations, namely: to establish contact with the user specifying the details of processing orders, method of delivery and payment. Personal data are also used for the issuance of accounting and warranty documents. Processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the PDPA, Article 1, paragraphs 1,2 and 3.

MWH Ltd. use the contact information provided by the consumer to contact him for assistance in procurement; communication related to information provided by the company's products, services and the support; providing information on new products, services and promotions; providing personalized offers and suggestions.

What data we expect to provide us and how we use them:

Name, surname, address (es), telephone (s) email address


- Telephone and e-mail - to contact you, information, send electronic documents;

- Names, addresses and phone * - for issuing documents and implementation of delivery by courier - and provide the courier company executing delivery; Second address is required when the registered address is not the same as the delivery address, middle name and telephone are necessary when your order is shipped / received by another person;

- Additional (not required on the registration form) - personal identification number for issuing an invoice to a private person; invoices are processed by the accounting firm and provide the tax authorities;

- These data can be provided to a bank or financial institution serving the payment of the specific contract;

* Specify the country, because it can be obtained an order from abroad, whose delivery to an address in the country.

** Service of companies (legal entities) and data are provided, except contact name are public and are not defined as personal data.

MWH Ltd Policy to provide security and privacy of customer:

Our three basic principles of working with your personal data - referred to in the declaration made at the start of this page - 1.2 points and 3, namely:

  1. We process your personal data fairly and in accordance with applicable laws;
  2. We use your personal information only when needed and use in accordance with applicable laws;
  3.  Provide your personal data only to the administrators of personal data directly related to meeting our obligations arising from the relationship with you, except when the law forces us to do otherwise;

The four main reasons to keep this policy in respect of your personal data:

  1. We respect your privacy and your personal data;
  2. We expect such a relation and work with our personal data, where they are provided;
  3. We understand the criticality of this part of our business about your trust in us;
  4. We abide the law;

Measures which we apply to protect the security of your personal data: Each MWH Ltd. Employee:

  1. Get introduces and be briefed on the requirements of the PDPA, the company's liabilities, as administrator of personal data at the start of this document declaration on behalf of the company, the basic principles of company policy in this regard, and described the four reasons
  2.  Forcing them to comply voluntarily and signed a declaration.