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TOP hookah places

Posted by admin 16/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Establishments in which hookah smoking is offered as extra, are considered the most modern and modern way through which people socialize and embrace the idea of ​​multiculturalism. Thus, Europeans and representatives of the Middle East and South Asia intertwine their cultural traditions and learn of tolerance, equality, brotherhood, tolerance and mutual understanding.

Many European hookahs are owned by people from the Arab world and its surrounding regions, where the use of nargile has become a centuries-old tradition. That is why they include elements such as Islamic decor and Arabic or Indian music. And almost all of them also offer authentic Turkish coffee.

Otherwise, in the broadest sense, any restaurant, bar or nightclub can be considered a hurricane if it offers this oriental sacrament and has a comfortable smoking area. There are many such places in Bulgaria, with the trend of constantly increasing their number.

The use of nargile has increased drastically among Bulgarian youth in recent years, not only thanks to the social atmosphere it creates but also because many young people think that hookah is the safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Interestingly, Bulgarians prefer to mix several tastes in one, while people from Arab countries most often smoke only one kind of tobacco.

But, as you can see, not all hookahs that are found in our country are of the highest quality. That's why, for the most passionate connoisseurs of the Arab temptation that do not compromise quality, we have prepared a list of some of the top hookahs in Bulgaria.

The first to recommend, this is all the Planet restaurants across the country. For more than five years, they have been among the most popular meeting places and entertainment for young people. That's why it's not surprising that they are quick to keep up with fashion and start offering their customers quality tobacco, carbon, consumables and of course the hookah itself.

Another place that strongly advises residents to visit is Marionette Bar & Dinner. The restaurant is a combination of extremely stylish and modern vision, stunning interior and high quality hookahs and consumables to them.

The new, supermodern and designer nightclub in Sofia - PM Club, can also satisfy the most demanding tastes of hookah fans. Ever since its opening, it has been designed to be a point of attraction for the young generation in the capital.

Because of all this, it is no strange that these are the favorite hookahs of a number of popular personalities in Bulgaria. They are preferred by names like our best footballer Dimitar Berbatov, his no less talented colleague Valery Bozhinov, the favorite of the fans of pop folk music - Preslava, the automobile competitor Joro Tanev, the beautiful Zlatka Rajovka (better known as the blond Zlatka) and others.

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